Nefarious Zwinglian Copycat Site

The So-called "Jim West"

No sooner do we begin to post under the banner of the great radical Reformer, Conrad Grebel, but some copycat site has adopted the obviously pseudepigraphic moniker, “Jim West” and is posting great calumnies about our beloved patron. Readers should be aware that this Jim West is a charlatan and a fraud, who has been exposed as Geoff Hudson.

Totally depraved. Just look at this photo of this young man, to be utterly convinced of his nefarious intent:

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3 Responses to Nefarious Zwinglian Copycat Site

  1. Jim says:

    oh that’s even wronger!

  2. agathos says:

    The evil in those eyes, and that stare… my soul is chilled!

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